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The Law Office of Hartmann, Jelínek, Fráňa and Partners was originally founded as an association of lawyers for them to practice advocacy together pursuant to the Act on Advocacy, which came into effect on 1.7.1990. The founding lawyers were the two current partners – JUDr. Milan Jelínek and JUDr. Jiří Hartmann, who work actively in advocacy and in the office until this very day. The other founding members, JUDr. Josef Vych and JUDr. Marta Fedorková, no longer work in the office. The original association which did not have legal subjectivity served to ensure joint performance of advocacy until 31.12.2010. Transformation into a limited liability company basically ended the 20 year history of the association’s existence and the office is now entering its next phase, already in the form a new and modern company, which serves to ensure a modern method and performance of advocacy.

The founding member, JUDr. Josef Vych, played a significant role in the history of the office to date. At the time the office was founded, he was already an important expert in the field of civil law acknowledged all over the country, he was a member of the civil law section of the Czech Bar Association, worked in several other educational and similar groups and was above all also a respected lawyer among judges. He worked in the law office until 2000 when his life ended in a tragic traffic accident. Until that time, he worked at the Hradec Králové office, was a unifying element there and participated significantly in the prestige of the office, which at that time was without a doubt one of the most acclaimed offices from the point of view of expertise.

JUDr. Marta Fedorková, co-founder of the office, worked as a partner in the law office until the middle of the 90s. She especially worked in the field of family law and after leaving the association, she continued to work closely with the law office for several years.

Over the history of the law office as an association, other advocates gradually became partners: JUDr. Petr Vališ, JUDr. Miroslav Nypl, JUDr. Milan Novák and Mgr. Kateřina Kavalírová. None of these currently work in the office, having either decided to practice their profession alone or work in other associations.

The current partner, JUDr. Pavel Fráňa, is also an important part of the office’s history, taking the place of JUDr. Josef Vych after his death in the company’s name. He actively contributed from the very start in establishing the face of the office, both in terms of its internal functioning and also from the point of view its specialist level. He himself is active at a permanent arbitration court as an arbitrator and thanks to his language abilities, ensures legal aid for Czech clients abroad and foreign clients in the Czech Republic.

The current and former partners of the law office, who gradually contribute towards jointly creating the picture of the law office seen by the public, also include Mgr. Jan Maršál, Mgr. Ludmila Kutějová and JUDr. Jan Malý, who are nowadays part of the professional team of lawyers and also partners in the office.

The two founding members of the law office who still work here to this very day, are also currently the faces of the office for the professional, above all legal, public. Both work in the bodies of Czech advocacy and contribute significantly towards the activities of the Czech Bar Association, especially towards its legislative activity, educational activity, in specialist sections and in the field of organisation. Both are respected experts and bearers of the current prestige and current development of the office.

Then new, modern face of the office, in its new legal form, cannot however be established by its founders and partners alone. This is why we cannot overlook the present, in which an important role is played by new face, cooperating lawyer – specialist, JUDr. Ondřej Moravec, expert in constitutional and public law.

The current face of the office is created with the significant aid of the professional management of the office, under whose guidance lawyers can devote themselves to their fields of professional expertise, allowing them to be organised in permanent and specialised teams and thus offer a quality legal service which is lasting, economically advantageous and fast. Our law office is a lion in the jungle of legal services.

Recent awards
Právnická firma roku 2014
The Law Office of Hartmann, Jelínek, Fráňa and Partners
is one of the recommended law firma in the field of criminal law.

ocenění 2013
The Law Office of Hartmann, Jelínek, Fráňa and Partners
is one of the recommended law firma in the field of criminal law.

firma roku 2012
The Law Office of Hartmann, Jelínek, Fráňa and Partners
is one of the highly recommended law firma in the field of criminal law.